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Gill & Co

20b High Street



Tucked away behind the Post Office in a super courtyard, opposite Bill Turners plant market is a shop that you know as soon as you go in is going to be a success. Beautiful building conversion, terrific range of really useful bits of ironmongery (not all packed up in shrink-wrapped plastic either!), electrical fittings, paints, home decorating materials, adhesives, seeds, pet food loose in sacks. Absolutely spot on for Chippy. But then the proprietor Vic Hunt knows the town well. He's a Chippy lad and was the manager of Harpers for years.  Four years ago Vic and his wife Dawn bought Gill & Co (Ironmomgers) in Oxford High Street, a shop which has maintained a big reputation for centuries and was only this week given a glowing review in The Times.  Now they are opening their first branch back home in Chippy!  Lucky us. Get along there and have a look round. Guaranteed you'll like it!



Harper D.I.Y

29/30 High Street


Four floors of everything you need for the Home and Garden