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Alonso Mendoza

Elmsfield Industrial Estate.





My name is Alonso Mendoza and I am a Mexican percussionist living in ChippingNorton for a couple of years now. I run Latin drumming workshops at my studio in the Elmsfield Industrial Estate I have worked closely with the Theatre and I am running children workshops from September.  Find out more on my website



Raymond Head

10 Worcester Road



I have lived in Chippy for over twenty years and throughout that time I have taught piano and singing to adults and children of all ages. I believe that if you have the desire anyone can play or sing and that age is no barrier to this as long as there is no physical problem. Many of my younger pupils have gone on to study music at university and eventually teach as well.Others have had lessons just for the thrill of hearing themselves play or sing, or just wanting to be better at what they do.  Whatever you want out of music I may be able to help you develop,- so why not contact me either by telephone or email.