Although the School have apparently said a final "no" to a skateboarding facility on their site, there is an interesting development along the Churchill Road. The recently formed Hailcorns Tenants and Residents Association - who have got fed up waiting -  have drawn up their own plan for using part of an existing recreational area between Cornish Rd and Churchill Rd belonging to the WODC for Skateboarding. The plan is about to be submitted to the District Council. Even more enterprisingly, they think they have tied up a sponsorship deal with a large local company to contribute towards equipment costs. Obviously further funding will be needed but at least a viable site has been identified. Let the lobbying begin.

BROADBAND -  We got there!

Our target was 350 to get enabled. On May 22nd we got there. A fantastic response by the town to efforts of
The Broadband for Chippy Campaign
On the left are Justin and Stewart - two of the leaders of the campaign who got us there!!  Thanks guys and to everyone else who helped. Stewart tells us.."Carterton - which triggered two weeks ago - has a ready-for-service date of 30th July.  Hopefully we should have a date of mid-August".

Picture by Chipping Norton News



I promised quite a few people before the recent Town Council Election that - if I was elected - I would write a regular report on this website about  my experiences. My report on the first Council meeting is written, but frankly - a week later - I still can't quite believe a few of the things that went on so I think I better wait a bit longer before commenting too publicly. For example, did I really get an agenda for that meeting which assumed the outcome of an election for mayor which hadn't yet happened And did one senior councillor get up and tell us newcomers that the mayor's job had already been fixed up for the next two (even three) years I must apologise but I think I'll hang on for the "official" minutes and see if I've got all this right. Meanwhile - to honour my promise - if any of my constituents care to call round at The Manor House - and swear an oath of secrecy - they can read a copy of my first "unofficial" report.

Gerry Alcock