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24th November. Everyone in the town will be desperately sad to hear the news that Gina passed away this afternoon. She has been seriously ill in hospital  but we were all praying that she would fight her way back to health. Nobody was prepared for such a sudden worsening in her condition. Her passing is truly an enormous shock. It is only a couple of weeks ago that Gina was taking a full and active part in Town Council affairs. Our thoughts and sincere condolences go out to Rob, her family and her many many friends.  This picture captures Gina doing what she spent so much of her time doing - tirelessly campaigning for the good of the town which she loved and which had chosen her as its Mayor for two distinguished years running.

Councillor Mike Dixon (Town Mayor) writes: We have all been deeply saddened by the news of Gina's sudden passing. She was an ex-Mayor of great distinction who  has been deeply involved in so many aspects of town life. Gina will very sorely missed on the Town Council where she has made an enormous contribution over many years. I have personally been so grateful for the help and support which she has given me in my term as Mayor. Our thoughts go out at this time to her family and friends,
Councillor Chris Butterworth (Deputy Mayor) The speed of Gina's passing only adds to the immense loss we all will feel.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and Rob. My first encounter with Gina was as a new boy Councillor when she was the Mayor.  As an introduction to the vagaries and traditions involved in the procedures, I and the other newcomers could not have been better instructed.  Her warmness, kindness and humour were all so encouraging.  I am privileged to have moved form a colleague to a friend in the short time I knew Gina. Gina almost single handedly created the Friends of the Town Hall.  This committee has in a very short time raised nearly 10,000 pounds to help refurbish the Town Hall. This illustrates the love and passion Gina had for all things Chippy.  Chippy reciprocated this love for such a genuine and respected member of the Community.
Canon Steven Weston Vicar of St Mary's writes: Gina was a good friend to the church and to the community. She led the Sunday congregational prayers in a very moving way. Her prayer style was informally conversational using everyday themes - "letters that arrive and are sent," "hats that we wear and what they represent" are two themes that I particularly remember but her public prayers always showed a deep concern for people and their needs.  Though she achieved much in her stint as mayor, she wasn't in it for the glory - a true servant of the town. I share your deep sense of shock and loss.
John Grantham writes: I was truly shocked to hear of Gina's passing, her contribution to Chipping Norton  as a Councillor and Town Mayor was second to none and she will be sorely missed in this capacity. She was  involved in all aspects of the life of the town, and there are so many who will feel her loss deeply .
County Councillor Hilary Biles writes: My thoughts and prayers are with Gina's family and friends at this very sad time. Gina epitomised community spirit and Chipping Norton will miss her enthusiasm and drive. Her commitment to Chipping Norton for Gina was paramount. A truly lovely lady.
Jim Crease writes:
As a frequent observer of the Council in action I had long since come to admire Gina's tenacity and hard work for the town she obviously loved but also particularly for her never failing readiness to seek to bridge divisions. She will be sorely missed directly by many and indirectly, without their knowing, by many more
Claire Jarvis writes: Gina was the embodiment of the saying if you want a job done, find a busy woman. Its hard to imagine anyone with a busier life councillor, school governor, chair of the local Labour Party, founder member of FROTH, keeping Chippy tidy, helping set up Anonddo, active member of St Marys Church, information point volunteer, supporter of the Theatre, the Lido and the hospital campaign   Im sure theres more. Her commitment and contribution to the life of the town were exceptional. She was also a wonderful friend caring, thoughtful and generous with her time. She will be much missed by us all.
Cicely Maunder writes: Shocked and so sorry to hear that Gina died this afternoon after such a short illness. I am so glad that I wrote to her last week. We shared much time on the town hall steps during many elections, our political differences no problem. She will be greatly missed for all her hard work for the town. The Town Council election is in May and as a mark of respect I hope that her seat will be left empty until then. My sincere condolences go to Robert and her family. In our thoughts and in our prayers Gina, God Bless. Cicely
District Councillor Annie Roy Barker writes: I was deeply saddened to hear that Gina had passed away. Although we were on different sides of the political fence, Gina supported and encouraged me in many ways, for which I will always be grateful. Gina was a lovely lady. She touched so many hearts; gave so much and asked for nothing in return.
Simon Duffy, Headteacher, Chipping Norton School writes:
  I was devastated to hear the news about Gina. Many who knew her in school are really shocked this morning. Gina was a Governor of Chipping Norton School for 15 years. In that time she gave a great deal and made a real difference. She was passionate about education; passionate about the well being of young people and passionate about ensuring equality of opportunity. In short, she cared. Her warm and approachable nature made her very well liked. Our school and our whole community will miss her a great deal.
Joe Johnson writes:  I was so shocked to hear the news about Gina, she represented Chipping Norton in more ways than words can ever describe. Gina supported many charities in the town, I know that she will be dearly missed by everyone at the The Lido.
Mike Howes writes: The whole town will miss Gina's devotion to civic service. The quiet way she got on with things from setting up the monthly clear-up to weeding and looking after New Street "gardens" along with the quiet determination, input behind the scenes  with her council work and her presence at Council Functions. Her not attending the Remembrance Day events was the first indication to many that she had problems and was not well. Terry and I have known Gina since she and Ron moved to Chipping Norton, as we had mutual friends in Cornwall who brought us together in the first place. We will miss her annual supper with friends and supporters prior to  the Burrows Jazz Concerts. Gina organised the concerts in memory of her husband who had been an active member of the staff at The Theatre. It was only in September that Gina apologised to me for missing this year's Chippy Jazz because it had again clashed with her attending her political conference. Although we were not of  the same political groups, Gina was always ready for a friendly word when we were out canvassing or delivering leaflets or putting up posters.   It was the same when we were all on the Town Hall steps on election days. The town will miss Gina as we appreciate all those jobs she got on with, off her own back. A dedicated member of the Town Council and a well remembered Mayor of the Town for 2 years. More recently Gina has 'high profiled' the Town Hall, with 'Friends of the Town Hall' now established.  We have lost another one of our town's characters who has left a large hole
Councillor Glyn Watkins writes:
During the time I have known Gina while serving on the council I have come to admire Ginas enthusiasm for all things Chippy. During her term as mayor I was impressed by the time, dedication and effort she brought to the position something that could never be faulted.  Gina was not a confrontational person - even in disagreements she never complained nor when things didnt go to plan. Instead she quietly carried on leading by example, her patience and experience will be sorely missed in council.
James Kitcher writes: I was so sorry to hear of Gina's passing. As a newcomer to the town she made me feel welcome and was extremely helpful when we were working on the streetscene project together. Gina's commitment to making Chipping Norton a better place for everyone was an inspiration to many (including myself). My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.
Colin Carritt writes:  I'm not a Chippy person. I live in Woodstock and was town mayor here during the same two years as Gina was Mayor of Chippy. We used to chuckle that in true blue Cameron country two of the main towns in the District could boast socialist mayors. Of course none of that is important. The main thing is the impressive list of campaigns that Gina was involved in, all of which were aimed, not at party political advantage, but for the well being of her fellow citizens of Chipping Norton. She will be a great loss to Chipping Norton and we shall all miss her dearly.
Vivian Woodell writes: Gina was one of the kindest and most generous people you could hope to meet, and her loss is an enormous shock. She worked tirelessly for the town and also for the Labour Party where her efforts have made a great difference over so many years. She was a key mover in the recent establishment of the North Oxon Co-operative Party branch. She was well known in the co-operative movement where her untimely loss is also keenly felt by many fellow members it is shocking to think that only in September she seemed fit and well and attended the Co-operative Party conference in Cardiff, yet now she is no longer with us.



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